The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is intended for use as a highly reliable host-to-host protocol between hosts in packet-switched computer communication networks, and in interconnected systems of such networks.

TCP header format

tcp header

basic data transfer


  • sequence number
  • acknowledgement

flow control

  • window size


  • socket (ip, port)


Each connection is uniquely specified by a pair of sockets identifying its two sides.(source ip, source port),(destination ip, destination port)

  • sockets
  • sequence numbers
  • window size

TCP 建立连接目的

交换通信双方的 ISN (Initial Sequence Number) 凡是占据序列号的任何TCP报文,一定对方确认,如果没有收到确认,会一直重传,直到达到规定的上限次数。 syn , data , fin 占据 sequence number 需要确认. ack 不占据 sequence number 不需要确认.


  1. TCP three way handshake 1
  2. TCP three way handshake 2
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